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       a lifelong family legacy...       

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The Hyamson family have been involved in the field of Natural and Complementary Medicine for over 130 years.

In 1891 James Edward Hyamson was a renowned Herbalist with a successful practice and apothecary in Liverpool (UK). The family legacy continued when James son, John Hyamson, opened his own successful Herbal practice in Thornton Place, Toxteth, Liverpool in 1911. Herbalism has continued to be an integral part of the family ever since then.

James Hyamson was the Great, Great, Great-Grandfather of our founder,  Dr Paul Greham. 

Dr Paul studied at the University of Liverpool in the UK and graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in 2004.

Since then, for the last 16 years, he has been involved in Healthcare all around the world, working in various settings including Hospitals, Private Practice and Government Services. ​

In 2018, after several months of historical research and careful trial and error, Dr Paul created a daily herbal tonic which he decided to call "Hyamson's FireWater" in a mark of respect to his amazing herbal heritage.

In addition to hand-crafting  Hyamson's FireWater and all of our other herbal products Dr Paul  is also a founding partner and the Educational Director of "The Hyamson Institute of Natural and Complementary Medicine" which provides online education and training to students from all over the world (over 5000 students have enrolled worldwide) in the fields of Natural Health and wellness:

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